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Morning Brew: Streetcars a Go, Schoolyard Slicing, Cocaine Raid, Casual Confession

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Toronto will be getting its new streetcars. Tomorrow, Mayor Miller and Premier Dalton McGuinty are going to make the announcement at Bombardier, that funding is in place to satisfy the $1.2billion build contract. How much of the feds share will come from their economic stimulus package remains unknown, but hopefully it doesn't come in an envelope labeled "fuck you".

Parents and students are stunned by a violent morning incident yesterday at St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga. Five people, including a teacher, were hospitalized after a student (allegedly on a revenge mission) went knife crazy on another student, and others tried to intervene. Police have arrested both students involved in the initial clash, and have charged them both with attempted murder. Life changes dramatically for these boys - in an instant.

Parking machine fraud in Toronto has gone up, even though millions of dollars were invested by the city to curb the problem. Any canceled credit card with a valid expiry date can be used to trick the curbside ticket machines, and apparently enough people know this and do this regularly - bogus credit card ticket purchases account for 8% of the total!

A clubland lounge, known to police for being the scene of violent incidents in the past, was raided by police and the three brothers/owners were charged with cocaine possession. One was pinned with a slew of drug trafficking charges as well. I'm always amazed when police reveal how long the investigation leading up the raid took - in this case, 6 months.

How will a seemingly impending city union strike affect you? The Globe and Mail has a decent roundup of what services will be affected and what contingencies the City is imposing in the event that Monday night eclipses without contractual agreements being reached.

If a person confesses to a murder (or other severe crime) to a priest, should the priest take that secret to the grave, or should the priest call police? I know what my answer is. It's an easy one. I don't care if it's in a confession booth or in a homeless shelter.

Is it possible to consume enough alcohol to be double the legal blood alcohol limit - while sleeping - then get into a car and drive without realizing you're drunk? John Soong, a Wilfred Laurier student, will hear the judge's decision tomorrow.

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