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Morning Brew: November 25th, 2008

Photo: "Art Gallery of Ontario at Sunset - Frank Gehry" by Scott Norsworthy, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Although the idea of creating offshore wind-powered energy farms in Scarborough has its fair share of proponents, it also has its detractors. Visual blight, sound, risk to migratory birds, and unknown long term effects (huh?) are among the cons that are making for heated debate amongst residents.

The proposal for public transit by ferry along Toronto's lakefront has been dealt a blow, after the TTC has heeded the advice found in a commissioned transportation expert's feasibility study. The report pegs the costs of building and operating the service as far too high for the few benefits that would result, so for now, it's a dead concept.

Hamilton is considering a ban on smoking in public housing, beaches, and parks. A report due in June of next year will likely spark a debate between those who feel they have a right to breathe clean air when they're taking a stroll, and those who feel they have the right to blow smoke in the faces of others while they're trudging and panting their way along the boardwalk.

We can always count on CityNews for lifesaving tips. After all, pretty much everything out there is poised to sneak up on us and unexpectedly kill us, right? "Trust no one" this holiday season. It could be counterfeit Christmas lights engulfing your family and your home in flames, or it could be an argument over a holiday bonus with your jerk of a boss that leads to cardiac arrest. ZOMGWTF? Who writes this stuff? Do they intentionally mask the identity of their writers under the umbrella of " Staff" or is it a backend technical limitation that's to blame?


Provincial laws are facing changes that will hopefully result in better protection for abused women and children. Deeper probing of backgrounds of those seeking child custody, easing of requirements for emergency restraining orders, and easier asset division in divorce cases are all forthcoming.

How does a fake brick of cocaine (part of an RCMP-monitored sting operation) make its way from Lima, Peru, and into the storage compartment of a Sea-doo in the garage of the home of a Peel police officer? The courts are looking into it while the officer remains suspended with pay (for 3 years now?).

Anyone watch Jeopardy and feel like rooting for a local guy? Torontonian Nathaniel Barnes - a bartender and classical musician - will be the returning champ on tonight's episode after netting $23,900 on last night's show. It was pre-taped in September, but he's sworn to secrecy with respect to results.

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