Morning Brew: September 4th, 2008

Photo: "Jack, with bone." by bigdaddyhame, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

Your Toronto morning news roundup AND POLL for Thursday September 4th, 2008:

Residents of a building in Bayview Village, where a woman was found bound and brutally murdered by stabbing, are questioning how police have handled the case so far. Their concern? It wasn't until the media cornered the lead investigator (24h later) that they learned that no suspects were in custody. Sleeping with one eye open must be traumatic.

Here we go. Waterfront Toronto has discovered that surprise costs are everywhere, and hard costs are currently estimated to be 65% higher than originally anticipated (5 years ago). They've announced major pushed back dates for a number of waterfront revitalization projects, and are seeking permission from the province and feds to borrow cash.

A phone poll conducted with Canadians puts support for Obama over McCain at a whopping margin of 66-15. Even those identifying themselves as Conservatives seem to like the Democratic candidate, with those polled favouring Obama 55-27. My prediction in the US in November? McCain 50.1, Obama 49.9, with voter irregularities swept under the rug (because the 3rd time is a charm). Vote in our poll below.


Since when is the federal government committed to fighting gang crime in Toronto? Since an election is coming in five weeks. Seriously, you can't deny that the timing is calculated and that Stockwell Day is putting on a poker face (then heading to the rodeo).

Avoid the westbound 401 express at the 404. A tractor trailer hauling paper slammed into an overpass and burned intensely enough to melt the asphalt. The area isn't expected to be cleared for a while still.

Should new, city-wide bylaws be created for Toronto to better regulate outdoor advertising signage? Furthermore, should a new tax be implemented on billboard advertisers to help pay for said regulation? Howard Moscoe is leading a charge to do this by next summer.

Popular Kensington cheese shop Cheese Magic has been temporarily shut down pending listeria microbiological testing. And the mouse poop? Not really a surprise there. It's Kensington.


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