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Morning Brew: July 3rd, 2008

Photo: "Here I am, but I am there" by Jeremy Nathan, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

Your Toronto morning news roundup for Thursday July 3rd, 2008:

It smells like death in the King & Bathurst area. The nearby slaughterhouse is becoming the stinky bane of condo life. Dare I predict that it's only a matter of time before some shady insurable incident or developer initiative forces its closure?

Ontario nursing homes are sounding more like torture chambers than care facilities. The majority are failing to meet basic provincial standards for care, and residents are being left in unsanitary, inhumane conditions. Imagine your grandmother being unnecessarily strapped down to her bed for two hours while waiting for someone to tend to her soiled pants. Yikes.


2000 more jobs related to auto manufacturing in the GTA are being axed. With the economy in a down turn, and fuel and commodities costs skyrocketing, the era of the car is changing (although it wouldn't appear to be so on our streets just yet).

If Toronto can borrow the NFL's Buffalo Bills, shouldn't Buffalo get to borrow the NBA's Toronto Raptors once in a while?

Because I haven't said it in a while... our Prime Minister is a manipulative, dishonest, immoral, incompetent weasel. Rather than earning our support, his newest strategy to keep the Conservatives in power and knock down the opposition is to sue the already cash-strapped competition for millions of dollars. What's wrong with this picture? On a somewhat related note, he isn't into abortion doctors winning awards either.

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