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Morning Brew: May 27th, 2008

Photo: "Chalk Artist" by St-Even, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

Your Toronto morning news roundup for Tuesday May 27th, 2008:

Mayor Miller is giving his bid to make Toronto a safer city another big push. City council will look at a drastic measures plan that includes a zoning bylaw that will completely forbid the use of firearms anywhere in Toronto. This would exclude police, but would force eradication of firing ranges and gun clubs, which has some critics and gun enthusiasts up in arms.

It's official. Gas prices in the GTA have eclipsed the all-time record high set in 2005 after hurricane Katrina. Did you know that when they charge just $0.01 more per litre than they actually should in Ontario, it takes just 0.485-minutes for a high ranking oil exec to earn enough to buy a new yacht (note: stats entirely made up)? In related news, the city of Toronto's fuel budget is going to need fixing.


TTC management/union contract update:
Ummm, has anyone even heard about how contract negotiations are going? After being forced back to work by the province, and assigned a mediator, the media hasn't made so much as a peep about the any progress or continued lack thereof, in weeks. No link for you!

If you gotta pee or poop, and you've already invested 60-minutes into a 70-minute lineup for a rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland, you're shit outta luck. You either have to lose your place in line, or risk having to hold it under circumstances most difficult to have to hold it (like a drop straight down from 100 feet elevation). I wonder how often people actually "lose their shit" on rides at Wonderland.

Toronto Police are under the spotlight after a judge ruled that they used excessive force during an incident involving a suspect being tasered, forced to lie face-down on broken glass, and verbally abused. Yet another reason to loathe and avoid the club district.

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