Trump Drops the F-bomb on Toronto: Making Money in Real Estate is FUN!

Wondering why your coworker or classmate is looking a little worse for wear this morning? They might have been running around attending seminars and workshops at the Learning Annex's Real Estate and Wealth Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre all weekend. Figuring out the quickest way to get rich in only 2 days is tiring stuff, let me tell you.

The event was a huge production. About 40,000 people paid around $100 each to be inspired to greatness by some of the world's most successful self-promoters including Richard Branson, George Foreman, Tony Robbins, and of course, The Donald himself. A ubiquitous presence over the entire weekend were dozens of booth babes-of the female and male variety, wearing white tank tops with the word "FUN" written across their chests. Their exact purpose remains a mystery.

When Trump appeared last night to collect his $1.5M appearance fee, he closed out the show to a standing room only crowd of about 25,000 in the MTCC's main hall on Front St. I should not have been surprised when I asked the couple sitting in the front row what time they arrived to secure their seats and they said 4am (Trump didn't come on till 6:30pm)!

In my preview post from last week I alluded to the fact that Trump said the Real Estate Market in Toronto was 'soft'. So, naturally, as a Real Estate Agent myself, I was very interested to hear what he had to say about the Toronto Market and Real Estate in general. Unfortunately, he barely even mentioned Toronto in his 2-hour speech, and his mentions of his experiences in Real Estate were only sidebars to his dozens of stories about famous people he knows (his "friends" as he calls them).

But I think most of us realize that it's 2007, not 1987, and Trump today is more entertainer than business man. And as an entertainer, he was effective. Dishing out made-for-media sound bites left and right, including some classics like "George Bush, you're F-----g Fired!", "Rosie O'Donnell? That degenerate pig", and "I love failure-when it's someone else who is failing", Trump kept the crowd thoroughly entertained for most of the 2 hours he was rambling at the podium. In fact, despite offending almost everyone in the room either directly or indirectly over the course of the night, the only boos he received were when he quipped that "Canada and the U.S. are basically the same"!

Were you there too? I'd love to hear what you thought of the event. Drop me a comment in the comments section.

Photo from my Flickr set of Trump's speech.

Youtube video of Trump's "fun" entrance to the stage.

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