Born Free: Adoption Fees Waived During Cat Sky House Preview

The Toronto Humane Society (THS) is offering a sneak preview of its new Cat Sky House from March 9 through March 18. In reality, it's not quite done and it's not the luxurious pussy palace the moniker implies. It does, however, offer bright new digs on the second floor featuring floor to ceiling windows looking out upon a pigeon-filled rooftop courtyard.

For now, the kitty contingent can still be found on the main floor in a windowless room full of cages. The dogs are taken for walks and there is a dog park behind the River Street building, but the cats don't get the sunshine and bird on bird action they crave. The Cat Sky House will provide cats and kittens with roomier housing, better air quality and lots of natural light.

There are currently two separate rooms for the cats. One is for healthy cats and one houses the special needs cats. Each cage has a photo, name, history, personality and condition of the cat. The stories are sad; some were found in deplorable conditions while others were surrendered when their owner died or could no longer afford their medical fees. The names are cute (Snowpants), clever (siblings Markham and Stouffville prefer to be adopted together) and sometimes a wee bit offputting (do I need to guess why Puddles ended up here?).


I can't resist stopping to talk to each one. Many cats come up to the bars anxious for attention. Touching them is verboten, as diseases could be spread from cat to cat. Should you find a cat you are interested in taking home (there are more than 300 to choose from), a member of the staff will interview you to determine if the animal you have chosen is the right fit, especially if the cat has special needs, such as medication. Pet ownership is a serious but rewarding commitment.

Although THS placed more than 7000 animals last year, they are always looking for homes. If cats are not your scene, they also have 83 dogs, 22 rabbits, 20 rats, 18 hamsters and 2 turtles with more arriving daily. Adoption fees are waived, but remember that owning a pet does cost money. Some are already spayed or neutered, so that could save you an initial outlay of cash.


The Toronto Humane Society
11 River Street (Queen Street just east of the Don Valley)
Monday to Friday: 11 am - 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm

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