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TTCrider wants to know your secrets. Not all of them, obviously, they don't need to know what exactly you did when you ducked out of that family reunion in High Park and came back and hour and a half later with twigs in your hair and a different pair of pants on. But if you happen to know something about High Park Station, they are, metaphorically speaking, all ears.

Wherefore? Why, such that they might include all your ttc-riding wisdom in the TTC Rider Efficiency Guide (which you can conveniently download off their site, or order a hardcopy sent to you. And if you happen to be one of those people glued to your Palm Pilot, you can download a version for that, too. They think of everything, don't they).

Some sample tips include using the St.George station to transfer between the Yonge and Bloor lines, instead of Spadina, so you don't have to trek the three miles between platforms, and watching the people ahead of you when you hear that familiar sound of the train reaching the station to see if you should scamper down the stairs or continue to amble - if the folks ahead start to hustle, chances are the trains pulling up on your platform.

To submit tips, go here or email Sean. And why bother, aside from sharing the wealth of information you've amassed in your transit rides around the city? Well, s/he who submits the best tip wins a copy of the guide with artwork of the winner's choosing.


Like Lisa Smolkin's First One at the Escalator

Artwork? Yes, mon ami/e, for not only does the guide spread the joy of knowledge, but also publishes drawings, photos and stencil art. Neat, eh?

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