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Fleur du Jour

Fleur du Jour is artisanal patisserie that does picture-perfect, fresh baked pastries by hand and gives twists to French classics.

They do patisserie and viennoiserie, displayed on either side of the room. These two categories of baking are not to be confused: patisseries includes items like cakes and tarts, while all items made with flaky, leavened dough like croissants and danishes fall under the umbrella of viennoiserie.

Fleur Jour TorontoThe space itself is minimal, with only four tables for seating, and all baking takes place in the back. There should be about as many tables outside when the weather is warm.

Fleur Jour Toronto

They make all their own pâte feuilletée (otherwise known as puff pastry) by hand in the back area, the smell of warm butter wafting through the shop when a fresh batch of handmade croissants ($2.20) comes out of the oven.

Fleur Jour Toronto

Chaussons aux pommes ($3.95) have a bit thicker pâte feuilletée than the light and flaky croissants, basically a French version of an apple turnover with beautiful decorative detail.

Fleur Jour TorontoA donut tatin ($6.50) is a spin on the traditional tarte tatin, a pastry prepared upside-down with layers of caramelized apples and topped with creme fraiche.

Fleur Jour TorontoThis version is dipped in white chocolate with little bits of almond biscuit, and they often do these up in different creative ways.

Fleur Jour TorontoA mini opera cake ($6.50) is eight layers total of Joconde biscuit, ganache, and a special house creme that’s between a gelato and a cremeux flavoured with real coffee.

Fleur Jour TorontoThe shimmery smooth pate de glace that coats the cake is also house made, only ever using olive oil and butter, nothing hydrogenated.

Fleur Jour Toronto

The Rocher ($6.50) mimics a giant Ferrero Rocher truffle, but with an almond cream and almond insert inside instead of hazelnut, and a crumble base. I wouldn’t sleep on their cheesecake ($6.50) either: on the day of my visit it’s a passionfruit version with a crunchy puffed rice and almond crumble base.

Fleur Jour TorontoA finger pastry ($5) is a tender pate sable crust filled with a subtle pear compote and topped with a chocolate cream, decorated with chocolate and gold.

Fleur Jour Toronto

A take on a pain raisin is made with croissant dough, raisins and a light cream.

Fleur Jour TorontoTheir take on a suisse incorporates elements of a pain au chocolat or chocolatine, made with croissant dough, light cream and dark chocolate chips instead of a clunky chocolate stick in the middle.
Fleur Jour Toronto

Simple espresso-based coffees are churned out on a traditional, sturdy Faema E98 RE.

Fleur Jour Toronto

Fleur du Jour is operated by couple Clara McBride and and Riane George Ikiouane.

Fleur Jour TorontoService alternates seamlessly between French and English, and they’re always available for custom orders with 24 hours notice.

Fleur Jour Toronto

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Fleur du Jour

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