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Bad Attitude Bread

Bad Attitude Bread sold out of their entire inventory in just two and a half hours on their first day open in Toronto.

The bakery is a modern day Instagram success story. Don't be fooled, this is no overnight Cinderella story. It's a story of debt, hard work, and talent.

Logan Dunn is the owner-recipe developer-photographer-social media maven running Bad Attitude.

bad attitude breadThe story begins in 2014 when Dunn moved to Toronto from Sarnia to study Food and Nutritional Sciences at Toronto Metropolitan University

He fell in love with recipe development at school and applied to Bunner's Bakeshop where he first met the owner Ashley Wittig.

bad attitude bread

In and after school, he also worked as a food photographer for restaurant brands in the city, sold recipes to businesses, and headed a test kitchen that never opened due to pandemic closures.

bad attitude bread

He spent a year unemployed and when Wittig opened Honey's, he soon joined his mentor at the front of house. He convinced Wittig to give him a shot in the kitchen for a day and ended up passing with flying colours.

An entrepreneur at heart, it wasn't long until Dunn craved his own brand and thus, Bad Attitude Bread was born. Named as a homage to his parents who always told him off for his bad attitude, it's now a cheeky label for the coolest new vegan baked goods in town.

bad attitude bread

The venture began out of his home kitchen in Parkdale in 2022 with weekend pickups and by the third week, there were lines going down his sidewalk.

He knew he had to expand his production and Witting so generously let him use her space. 

He noticed a lack of "butter heavy European-style vegan pastries" among the options of sweeter American-style cakes that were readily available in the city and hoped to fill that void.

bad attitude bread

The store is housed inside what used to be a bike store and Dunn has kept most of the interior intact partly for budget reasons but also because he wanted to challenge the gender stereotypes people have about baking.

bad attitude bread

His very first product was a Brioche Loaf ($15) which is still on the menu but his best-selling item- which accounted for half of his profits last year- is the Everything Bagel Bun ($5.50).

bad attitude bread

It's salty and slightly sweet, the "cream" on top is perfection and I could eat a whole box of these. To be completely honest, I think Dunn needs to sell the cream by the containers.  

bad attitude breadThe Cherry Cheesecake Braid ($6.50) is a tangy hearty treat and the Sesame "Honey" Cookies ($3.50) are easy crowd-pleasers. 

bad attitude breadFor now, the coffee option is a pour over ($3.50) using Habit Coffee beans- another small business Dunn wants to support. 

bad attitude breadYou can also find Bad Attitude at First and Last Coffee and Trinity Market. During my visit, a customer came in and bought one of every item on the menu. 

She told me "I've been following him on Instagram for a year but never made it to his pop-ups because I live in the East end. I came today to support and finally try everything I wanted."

bad attitude breadAnother regular customer Alex, who has been buying Bad Attitude since the Parkdale days tells me he's "impressed that everything is vegan and tastes so good". He often picks up stuff for his friends and believes "it stands on its own- it's not just for vegans".

One of the reasons people love Bad Attitude is because of Dunn's openness and transparency about the entire process of starting and opening a store-front business.

bad attitude bread

He shares details about how he secured loans, how much money he put into the store, and how difficult the entire process really is for a young business owner regularly on Instagram.

"I was very surprised at how much money I needed to spend to start this, and money is rarely talked about so I hope it helps other people who are thinking about starting a business to be more prepared," Dunn explains.

bad attitude breadDunn hopes to repay the people and community that helped him on his way by cultivating a team and space that can support people with similar dreams as he once had. 

"I could not have done this, all so quickly without the support of so many people in the city, I'd love to give back and for this space to be that for other people."

Logan Dunn is an absolute force to be reckoned with and Bad Attitude Bread is definitely worth marking down for a future visit. Just make sure to go early.

bad attitude bread

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