Angels Bakery Toronto

Angel's Bakery

Angel's Bakery on Rogers Road is a smallish store with a decently stocked array of dried pasta, cheeses, cookies, sauces and other pantry staples.

The store is sort of divided in half, with one side serving as a type of convenience store with most of the product and the other side as the cafe/bakery, with several tables and a raised seating area.

It's not large and the space is a bit cramped, but I can see how Angel's serves the area and the neighbourhood well.

On my most recent visit the man behind the counter talked on his phone during our entire transaction, but he rang through everything quickly and efficiently.

I took a seat at one of the tables in the cafe section and began to survey the scene. In many ways, Angel's is practically overflowing with product.

There were shelves and shelves of assorted pastas, egg noodles, boxes of sea salt and bags of espresso. Some of the jars of anchovies and antipasto seemed to still be sitting on skids with the plastic only half peeled away.

Near the back of the store was a large deli counter. There were cuts of cured meat inside, but for the most part they were unpriced and unlabeled. There were also a few wheels of cheese, but they too were unpriced and unlabeled.

The cafe section features veal or chicken sandwiches for $7, meatball or sausage sandwiches ($6) and a pasta plate is $3.50. There's also a small "bulk food" type section with assorted antipasto available for $15/kilo, salted sardines at $15/kilo and anchoives are $22 a kilo. Pizza is also available.

Angels Bakery Toronto

The refrigerated and dried sections back near the front of Angel's had a decent selection of yogurt, juices and sliced cheeses, similar to a local variety or convenience store.

There is also a small selection of breads and rolls. As I peered into another counter, I discovered that there were some assorted baked squares and cookies, but I couldn't find any prices or descriptions of the product.

Angel's also sells decorative cakes and other desserts for various parties and celebrations.

The name Angel's Bakery might be a bit of a misnomer because the biggest value to this store is definitely its abundance of pantry staples.

With a solid selection of different noodles, sauces and other ingredients, I'm certain that it serves as a well-used convenience store for residents of the Rogers Road and Caledonia area.

Angels Bakery Toronto

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Angel's Bakery

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Angel's Bakery

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