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Toronto exhibit brings back all our favourite local kids TV shows in one space

Toronto, prepare yourself to get hit right in the feels.

A new nostalgia-filled exhibit is going to take you back in time to visit your favourite classic Toronto-based kids TV shows.

Myseum of Toronto presents, Mr Dressup to Degrassi: 42 Years of Legendary Toronto Kids TV, featuring original puppets, props, set pieces and memorabilia. With pieces from 40 years worth of shows, there is something for everyone here.

toronto tv museumCurated by Ed Conroy of RetroOntario, the exhibit explores how these shows helped shape generations of local kids and looks at the cultural values they reflected from the 1950s through to the 1990s.

Everywhere you turn in the space are familiar faces that are bound to make you feel a bit nostalgic for those mornings spent cross-legged in front of the TV with some of the most lovable hosts and characters in our collective history.

toronto tv museumThe 1950s section explores the rise of TV networks, featuring the lovable, but perhaps terrifying, Uncle Chichimus from the CBLT's family program, Let's See.

For the 1960s, the exhibit highlights the role of diversity. A show called Uncle Bobby and Friends began running in 1968, swiftly becoming the first show in North America to feature sign language.

A hop, skip and a jump into the 1970s lands you in the era of educational programming. TVOntario was developed by the Ministry of Education as a tool for kids to consume curriculum-based programming.

As you continue to press on into the 1980s, you meet shows with huge cultural significance. The exhibit showcases the creation and success of, Degrassi Junior High, a jumping-off point for both local programming and some of Toronto's most significant cultural figures.

The final leg of the exhibit delves into personalities. This era of television created personalities through a rotating group of hosts who would later be categorized as program jockeys.

Some of the most entertaining and memorable PJs included, PJ Jazzy Jan, Gord the PJ Man, and PJ "Fresh" Phil.

You can seize this opportunity to relive some of your childhood TV memories now until August 20th just inside the Eastern entrance of the 401 Richmond building.

More information and updates are available at the Myseum of Toronto website.

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Toronto exhibit brings back all our favourite local kids TV shows in one space