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Rogue street signs appear in Toronto neighbourhood warning of falling poop

Read the sign and watch your head Toronto! Some rogue postings have been spotted in a local neighbourhood, warning walkers of the dreaded falling poop.

Shared with blogTO by a reader, warnings can be seen in the Christie Pits area, helpfully guiding residents' eyes to the dangerous skies above.

"Warning you are entering a poop zone," reads the makeshift sign, complete with pictures of the culprits — a flock of birds.

toronto bird poopTwo signs hang at each end of the sidewalk area on the east side of Christie Street, just north of Christie subway station.

Perched on the power lines running high above the residential area, hundreds of these feathered friends are known to occasionally pop a squat — oftentimes landing on unsuspecting people below.

Whether it be from the back end (cloaca!) of pigeons, swallows, plovers or blackbirds, not even parked cars are safe from the grey, berry-filled, or sometimes chunky excrement plummeting from the sky.

The aerial droppings must be a common enough phenomenon to warrant these stern reminders, which were gifted to the neighbourhood courtesy of the Toronto Sign Reimagination Unit.

The Toronto Sign Reimagination Unit is a guerrilla art project from the mind of Jode Roberts, a self-described "perpetual schemer" that has brought the city similarly official-looking bird-related signage like a plaque commemorating a wild turkey.

It seems more and more art project signs are creeping up across the city, including one that recently popped up in Liberty Village, joking about the construction of a second CN Tower.

Take it as a warning and carry an umbrella or prepare for some extra natural conditioner on your pretty strands, Toronto.

Lead photo by

Jode Roberts

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