fake toronto development notice sign

Hilarious spoof on Toronto development notices proposes a second CN Tower

Who says Toronto can't have an even taller version of its iconic broadcast/observation tower gracing the city skyline?

According to a spoof on the City's ubiquitous development application notice signs, it's exactly what this "sorry dump" needs.

Spotted in the Liberty Village neighbourhood, the fake development notice looks remarkably like the standard blue and white signs that tell you of yet another condo building coming to your neighbourhood. 

At first glance you'd be forgiven for not giving this sign a second thought, however, after a double-take, you might notice some things look...off.

"As part of its planned 2023 redesign, The City is planning to add a whole extra CN Tower to this sorry dump," reads a sign attached to a fenced-off lot, from the municipality of Penta-Toronto.

"Construction will soon begin and will likely commence by the time you finish reading this sentence," says the project's comedic description.

Other details include a colossal height of 1.5 kilometres, which is almost triple the height of the already sky-scraping 553-metre stature of the CN Tower.

The fake sign looks similar in passing to the legitimate development notices plastered across Toronto, using humour (and some truth) to highlight the absurdity of the city's towering future.

One part of the sign - the public meeting announcement is a knock on the community consultation process in Toronto, saying, "A public meeting will be held after construction. Resistance is futile, as per usual."

Other hilarious but dead-on takes include a section on additional information, which reads, "got a problem? Fortunately, this new tower is objectively good. So you're the one who's wrong."

The cheeky artist clearly spent a lot of time composing this magnificent piece of work, with every inch of the sign acting as a middle finger to developers and the industry that supports them.

Even the file number "420 69 1212 1337 LOL" is in on the joke.

Don't forget to read the fine print, including the tower details, which are "very big."

Whoever created this sign may have been inspired by similar parodies spotted around the city in the past.

Most recently, a fake development notice popped up in a midtown park, scaring residents into believing that a massive tower would soon rise from their local greenspace.

Lead photo by

Malka Rachel 

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