devon Pryce exhibition

Artist has Toronto in awe with 'biggest turnout' ever at local gallery

Devon Pryce, a Toronto artist, held a solo exhibition 'Hemisphere' at Galerie Nicolas Robert Toronto location on Feb., 16. 

Situated on Tecumseth St, the warehouse-like gallery showcased the artists work which explored life and the different ways people divide themselves. 

devon Pryce solo exhibition

Pryce, pictured with his favourite piece in the collection 'Away With You', had a packed solo exhibition at Galerie Nicolas Robert.

I spoke to Pryce and gallery director Alex Bowron about the exhibition and artistic Pryce's styles and inspirations. 

"You could look at it from the lens of talking about your future self, past self or inner child and taking those ideas of instances where we divide ourselves and expanding different narratives," said Pryce.

Inside the gallery space, you're greeted the inner thoughts of Pryce through the duality presented in each painting. Looking up close, you can see areas of diluted oil or oil pastel layered over parts on his pieces.

devon pryce solo exhibition

Pryce's work explores themes of division between oneselfs, from inner child to past self.

Painted on these large canvases, Pryce manages to bring out warmth within cooler tones through his use of exposed skin and human touch. 

"He worked hard for many months leading up to the show...and there's something magical that happens when you put work up on a wall compared to the studio," said Bowron.

The turn out for Pryce's solo exhibition really proved how impactful his talent is. By 7:30 p.m., the gallery was packed, something that Bowron also pointed out.

devon Pryce solo exhibition

The gallery was filled with artists and creatives, coming in to see the new solo exhibit Pryce and Bowron held.

"This is the biggest turnout we've had so far in Toronto, we've had really busy openings but this takes the cake," said Bowron. "The energy is really nice and it's really encouraging to see."

Graduating from OCAD in 2019, Pryce's work has shared similar tones and themes, telling a story of a complex inner dialogue of identity through relatively simple and everyday experiences and tasks. 

Pryce's exhibit shows the viewer that our 'simple' behaviours are much more complex than we think.

devon pryce solo exhibition

Stepping closer to each painting you can see the hours of work and love Pryce puts into each piece.

"That might be in the back of my head and where I'm coming from too."

Walking around, every person in the room would peer closer to the paintings and talk about Pryce's technique. Even on-lookers walking by would stop and peer in the window. 

Pryce's career is only getting started, and for those who want to check out Pryce's work in person at MKG127 gallery for 'Feedback Loop.'

Lead photo by

Rhea Singh

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