Someone is making fun of the terrible decisions made by the person who runs Toronto

You might've found yourself frustrated lately with the ongoing construction projects along several major roads in Toronto. Whether it'd be dangerous bike lanes, rerouted sidewalks, or traffic jams on a daily basis, there's no doubt that construction is guaranteed to affect you no matter your method of transportation. 

A series of public art installations, called AusterityTO, is now cleverly poking fun at Mayor John Tory and all the construction and other chaos happening around the city. 

"Each sculpture was painstakingly crafted by the artist as a meditation on the nature of public services, decay and austerity," reads the project's website. 

AusterityTO places artist plaques on items all around the city, from broken water fountains, to garbage bags, and construction signs. 

The installation, titled "Collision, 2022" gives credit to "John Tory - born Toronto, Ontario 1954" and describes the piece as being composed of "concrete, asphalt, steel, paint, and construction equipment." 

The sign recognizes that the installation is also a "gift of the artist, on display as part of his ongoing series." 

Collision, 2022 is "meant to evoke feelings of claustrophobia and impending doom," reads the website. "This is the feeling cyclists feel every day as they try to navigate Toronto's roads, but the artist is also hinting at somwething grander." 

You can view the full map of all of AusterityTO's installations around the city here

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The Biking Lawyer

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