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Toronto's Just For Laughs fest has just started and there are already problems with tickets

Another Toronto festival, another problem.

This time the huge Just For Laughs comedy festival is facing criticism from attendees who say they can't access tickets.

Since the festival kick-off just 24 hours ago in Toronto, a quick search on social media will show multiple people either complaining that they can't get their tickets, or complaining about the apparent lack of response from customer service.

"JFL just started in Toronto, and despite information from festival goers who have purchased Passes to the Festival months ago, their app, which is all but required to attend the festival does not work," wrote one attendee to blogTO via email.

It seems that many people who are using the app to download and present their tickets at each venue cannot do so. Many tweets state they cannot access barcodes.

Others are just confused about the process for passes and tickets and cancelled shows. 

But JFL says there is a simple step to remedy these ticket woes.

"The app is completely functional but some of our customers had issues with accessing their tickets since they were not using the latest version which was released yesterday morning," said one of the festival's organizers.

An app update? No big deal. Releasing the update the same day as the festival? Questionable.

"Although the updates are typically automatic, some of our passholders may have had that option turned off. We sent an email yesterday to all passholders to let them know that this update is required for a more seamless experience."

Otherwise, the festival says their website is working, up-to-date and provides pretty easy access to tickets.

So, double check if you have the latest version of the app and if you do and still can't access tickets, please send an email to jfltoronto@hahaha.com.

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Toronto's Just For Laughs fest has just started and there are already problems with tickets

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