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Toronto is getting a massive Gustav Klimt exhibition

Gustav Klimt will be the subject of the latest immersive exhibition opening up in Toronto, similar to Immersive Van Gogh and Beyond Monet exhibits.

Immersive Klimt is actually by the same people behind Immersive Van Gogh, Toronto-based Lighthouse Immersive, and promises to be just as impressive.

The exhibit will encompass 500,000 cubic feet of projections, 60,600 frames of video and 90,000,000 pixels.

The Van Gogh experience sold over 2.5 million tickets in North America in 2021, and appeared in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco as well as Toronto, selling out in all cities.

Gustav Klimt was known for his bold mosaic-like painting style, which is exemplified in one of his most famous works, The Kiss.

It was part of his well-known "Golden Period," which the exhibit takes you through along with his depictions of the natural world and ghostly mermaids, as well as the streets of Vienna where Klimt was born.

The exhibit will be on view at 1 Yonge St., and will open in 2021.

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Immersive Klimt

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