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Toronto artists transform historic building before it's changed forever

Toronto's historic Corleck building is undergoing a major transformation that will see construction take place at the building that serves as a connection between Billy Bishop Airport and the Bathurst Quay.

The Corleck building is one of the first places people arrive upon landing in Toronto after flying through Billy Bishop, as the underwater tunnel and the island airport ferry connect through there.

Before this revitalizing construction takes place however, a number of diverse Canadian artists have been invited to transform the building with murals and installations from the foundational myths of their own cultures.

The public will be invited to explore the building, see the artwork, learn about the myths and legends of a number of cultures, and discover future plans for the building that operates as a gateway into the city.

The event was planned by the Canada Ireland Foundation who have office spaces within the building. Those interested in exploring the space will be able to reserve time as early as July 4th.

Featured artists include Caitlin Taguibao; The Dreamers; Kirsten McCrae + JP King; Kizmet; Kreechaz; and Doras. Art will be displayed all over the building, allowing everyone to explore and discover on their own.

Though it's been quite some time since most people could fly in or out of the city, seeing this travel-essential building get transformed is sure to be an exciting moment for those who love to fly out of Billy Bishop.

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