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A fence in Toronto is paying tribute to the unsung heroes who walk among us

There is a new reason to cycle or walk a Toronto trail this weekend, and it involves paying tribute to unsung heroes.

On The Fence is a free, outdoor photo exhibit, part of the Scotiabank Contact Festival, and it is literally on a fence along the Martin Goodman Trail just outside Ontario Place.

The exhibit is located along The Martin Goodman Trail at Lakeshore and Ontario Street.

Four Toronto photographers — Leah Denbok, Giancarlo Pawelec, Adam Weitner and Phil Sutherland — produced images of unsung heroes.

on the fence

On The Fence includes portraits of people struggling with homelessness.

"The past year has been a long and difficult time for everyone in our city," the exhibit description reads.

The photos include portraits and stories about Toronto residents struggling with homelessness. A series of photos of performers notes how dance is a manifestation of the human spirit, which can soar even in adversity.

on the fence

There are photos of performers.

There are portraits of Toronto frontline workers.

"Toronto's essential/frontline workers who put their health and well-being at risk daily to support the community truly are hero's without capes," a photo of a health care worker reads.

There is even a large portrait of a dog.

"Pets are heroes," the description reads. "Their role in the mental health and overall wellness of society cannot be overstated."

on the fence

Frontline workers are honoured in the exhibit.

The curatorial aim was to show each individual photographer's stories as they are captured and as a collection of images.

"We hope you can feel the hope, humanity, humour and honesty in the images presented."

They hope to expand the project next year with a one kilometre stretch of trail being decorated in the work of Toronto photographers.

Toronto has opened Lake Shore Boulevard West for ActiveTO the weekend of May 15 and 16, which offers the perfect opportunity check out the new art.

On The Fence runs until May 29.

Photos by

Adam Weitner

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