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You can now take fake private jet photos for Instagram in Toronto

Between Photoshop, Facetune, fillers, lasers, hair extensions, green screens and the outright worship of all things fake, we, as a society, are about 30 seconds and one venture capital round away from entering Facebook's version of The Matrix.

Want a bigger booty? You know, for the gram? Get a Brazilian butt lift. Dying to make your friends jealous with a trip that never happened? Mykonos is all over Google Images. Heck, if you weren't born hot, you can even buy a new face (though you will likely look about twice your age when all is said and done).

Faking wealth is harder than faking beauty — I mean, not every aspiring rapper knows someone who knows someone whose cousin has a neighbour with a yellow Lambo they can pose in front of. But it is possible.

A new Toronto Instagram pop-up (read: a business that charges people to have photos of themselves taken on cool sets) is currently offering up the chance for anyone to nab what has become the Holy Grail of social media snaps: The "relaxing on a private jet" shot.

If there's anything as cool as trotting the globe via P-J, surely it's paying $20 to take pictures in a room set up to look like one (it's not like strangers or #brands will be able to tell the difference anyway).

Meet THIS IS EYE CANDY: Toronto's latest Instagram-friendly pop-up museum.

Located at 325.5 Queen Street West, just east of Spadina between Brandy Melville and Petview, Eye Candy describes itself as "a timed, family-friendly pop-up experience providing astonishingly spectacular fun, beautifully-designed Instagram-able moments to amaze your eyes."

The business opened its doors on May 4 and has been bumping ever since.

Similar to other recently-launched Toronto pop-ups like HideSeek, Happy Place and Utopia, Eye Candy boasts a whole host of unique spaces designed for the purpose of grabbing attention in photos online.

"Hop on the beautiful white cruiser bike and pose amidst the cherry blossoms, share your love of pizza with a larger-than-life slice, dive to the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool, or fulfill your dreams of mega money in the bank vault!" reads the venue's website.

"All fun, and all photo-ready with just the snap of your camera – these expertly-lit rooms are sure to produce the perfect shot every time, no matter your device."

Eye Candy is currently open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week, including on holidays. You'll pay $20 for the experience (which is said to take about 45 minutes to complete) unless you go during a weekday before 4 p.m., when tickets cost just $15 plus tax and fees.

Additional visits are only $5 a pop for those who purchase their first tickets online at the regular price.

Twelve "gorgeous, picture-perfect rooms" in total can be found within the space, according to Eye Candy — some of them more original than others. Here's a list provided by a PR rep for the exhibit:

  • Gold Vault – step into a private holdings vault, with almost $9,000,000 CA worth of gold inside.
  • Rainbow - you may not make it over the rainbow today, but you can see to the other side, and enjoy in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Candy - strut your stuff down our sweet runway filled with life-sized gummy bears, double bubble, ring pops, suckers, and licorice.
  • Blockbuster – walk down an aisle of vintage flicks, with your favorite nostalgic movie rental shop.
  • Jungle – welcome to the jungle, watch out for the black panther!
  • Private Jet – Fasten your seatbelts, toast some Champagne; your jet is ready for take off.
  • Cherry Blossom - under a surreal canopy of pink cherry blossoms, ride your cruiser with the wind in your hair.
  • Pizza Room – think pepperoni and cheese pizza big enough to feed a village.
  • Chess Game – Play the long game, without gravity.
  • Emerald Castle –find it where it's always been, at the end of the yellow brick road.
  • Disco Swing –get into the swing of things, the Disco Room is straight out of Studio 54.

Props are included for most rooms, so take advantage — because nobody can deny the authenticity of your private jet experience when they see you drinking champagne and reading Harper's Bazaar.

Reccomended captions include "She said oh you rich rich," "Tell the ref to blow the whistle those b*tches travelled," and "I'd tag our sponsor but your dad doesn't have insta."

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