Toronto Infrared Photos

What Toronto looks like in infrared

Like HDR images, infrared photography isn't everyone's cup of tea. The dream-like images produced when photographers adopt this strategy can range from haunting to hokey, with all too many falling in into the latter group. But a good infrared photo — whether it be captured on film or through digital techniques — will present something familiar and make it strange in the most compelling of ways.

Take Toronto, for example. I would imagine that none of the images below would be as striking were they captured using the spectrum of light we're most accustomed to. And sometimes it's just nice to see one's city with a new set of eyes. Infrared photos do this very well, especially when the subject matter's appropriate.

There are over 500 IR shots in the blogTO Flickr pool, many of which were shot by a small group of individuals. Of them, Frank Lemire (who goes by the Flickr handle syncros) has been the most prolific, but I've included a range of photographers so as to provide a general introduction to the craft from a local perspective. For more infrared shots, check out this previous photo essay by Jonathan Castilleno, from which one image is represented below. Lead image by syncros.


Canada Malting


Toronto Infrared Photos


Toronto Infrared Photos


Toronto Infrared



Lone Primate


Lone Primate


Metrix X


Metrix X


Benson Kua


Jonathan Castellino

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