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Le Cafe Vert in the Deadpool?

Posted by Tim / January 19, 2009

Le Cafe VertIt looks like Le Cafe Vert has served its last meal of gluten free pancakes. The once popular Leslieville brunch and organic eats spot closed its doors on January 12th with no announced plans to re-open. A sign on the door hints that the closure may be temporary, but like nearby Kubo Radio (which will re-open as Roy's pub in the Spring) rumours abound that the restaurant is done for good.

Here's a look at the notice stuck to the front door where the owner thanks past customers for their support and friendship.

Le Cafe Vert Closed

For those keeping score, this is yet another place that has succumbed to the often-fatal Restaurant Makeover.



Ace Six / January 19, 2009 at 03:06 pm
I had the worst service and food when I went here. It won't be missed. Pulp Kitchen does it better and has way better staff.
diana dennis / January 19, 2009 at 03:49 pm
Even though I live in the area, my friend who doesn't live in the area, loved and raved about it. I had never been in but had no idea what the place was about; one couldn't see anything. I want to see inside,especially if I am supposed to consider eating there.
Dave M / January 19, 2009 at 04:05 pm
I live in the area and went twice.

The food was decent but the service was absolutely terrible- slow, slow, slow.

magda / January 19, 2009 at 05:09 pm
I loved this place!! The service was slow, but I took that as part of the experience. Great innovative food at affordable prices. I loved the nook by the window if I was able to snag it. I will miss this place more than any other deadpool offering.

Please fill me in on any further happenings with the owner.
jamesmallon / January 19, 2009 at 06:03 pm
Dead Pool's going to be a long list. Looks like Leslieville missed critical mass before the recession... Queen Far West got there, because the Drake and Gladstone did for it, of you like that kind of thing. Oh well, wait for the next decade. My money's on Ossington/Lansdowne in the next bubble. People talk shit about the Junction, but it's not on a Subway, and too far from downtown.
The yoyo / January 19, 2009 at 10:19 pm
Jamesmallon, you miss the point of the 'nabe. It's a great community that doesn't need a Drake or Gladstone. It's an awesome place to live so stop being cynical.
Dan / January 20, 2009 at 01:16 am
user-pic girlfriend and I really enjoyed this place, the occasionally dodgy service aside. Wish I'd made it in for the Pad Thai one last time...
Clara / January 20, 2009 at 01:18 am
Pulp Kitchen *sucks*. How that place remains open is beyond has terrible hours and hardly anyone is in there no matter what time of day I walk by.
apetimberlake / January 20, 2009 at 09:59 am
I agree with Jamesmallon (kinda).
Listen in order to get a former dodgy area bumping again its nice to have artists and small organic resto's. However, you need people with money(Jeff Stober with the Drake and the Zeidler's with the Gladstone) to really anchor the area as a hotspot. This is what set queen west apart from Leslieville.
kat / January 20, 2009 at 04:33 pm
must reiterate everyone else's comments: while the food at le cafe vert was good, the service left much to be desired. and it was rather $$.

@clara: ditto on pulp kitchen: terrible hours, inaccurate at best, and frustrating service
hmmmmm / February 13, 2009 at 06:49 pm
I could see this coming from far away...
The only organic served there were the grains, everything else came from No Frills. The rats loved the food just as much as we did.
Simon / April 22, 2010 at 01:42 pm
Does anyone know what happened to Sasha the owner?
cheri / October 28, 2010 at 12:13 pm
i just watched a food network show today; Restaurant Makeover and they were on there!!

What the hell happened, they just put in 15 grand and RM matched the other so 30 grand put in for them to close, how sad and unfortunate.

The cook that was there really didn't look that happy or motivated tho either when the Chef was teaching him how to prepare new meals etc.

Shame, i just looked it up so i could try heading out and trying it out.

o well....
Matt C / October 29, 2010 at 12:05 am

RM is a a death sentence for most restaurants in TO. It is really unfortunate. And just so you know they dont pump 30 grand in. It is TV.

Tv shows are in to make money, not spend it. Then these resturants give 15 grand to a project, they spend that money first. THEN they spend production cash. So if it only costs 20k to fix the place up they spend 15 from the owner and 5 from the production company.

Overall the show is Igors show. Just like Mike Holmes has his shows, Igor has RM. His company will never need to look for work while this show still exist.
wayne Nikolaisen / February 13, 2011 at 01:53 pm
No Big supprise that they couldnt make it. When I saw them on RM the poor attitude and and total lack of respect that the so called chef(tony) had towards Chef Masimo was appauling, I guess tony was trying to make up for his lack of hair by being a dick and Sasha was a lame as the day is long, it is obvious that the only thing that needed a make over was the owner and staff.
Kathy / April 11, 2012 at 05:46 pm
I have a bit of an issue with those who say RM was a death sentence for these places. The show itself can't really be blamed for the number of restraunts that went under after their makeover. After all most of them were in trouble before calling in the show to try & help them. Yes they gave them a new look & some new food ideas. That didn't help any towards poor management skills or any of the other problems they had in running a business.
laura / May 14, 2012 at 12:53 pm
Statistically more restaurants remained open after their appearance on the show than failed.
laura / May 14, 2012 at 12:55 pm
Statistically more restaurants remained open after appearing on the show than closed.
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