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These small towns in Ontario have some of the most unusual roadside attractions

Road side attractions in Ontario might be locally famous but the majority of us might not be familiar with ones beyond the Big Apple in Colborne. Truth is, Ontario is full of other fascinating and larger-than-life marvels waiting to be gawked at. 

Here are some of my favourite roadside attractions scattered throughout Ontario that make perfect pitstops on road trips.

Giant Transformer Robot - Port Hope, ON

Standing tall and commanding attention outside Primitive Designs in Port Hope, Ontario, is this massive Transformer Robot. Towering at an impressive 26 feet, this metallic marvel invites visitors to delve into a world of imagination and wonder.

Alongside this larger-than-life Transformer, the parking lot has a ton of of quirky upcycled creature sculptures, each with its own unique charm. 

Algomy Red - Thessalon, ON

Along the Trans-Canada Highway in Ontario's scenic Algoma County, you'll find the towering Algomy Red - hailed as the world's largest Muskoka Chair.

Standing proudly outside Pinecrest Tent and Trailer Campground, this colossal chair beckons weary travelers to pause, stretch their legs, and indulge in a moment of whimsy and fun photo-ops. 

Husky the Muskie - Kenora, ON

Perched in McLeod Park at the edge of Lake of the Woods is Husky the Muskie, a larger-than-life 40-foot replica of a Muskie fish. 

Located along the Trans-Canada Highway, this iconic sculpture captivates with its beauty and history. Constructed in 1967 and restored in 1995, Husky the Muskie continues to attract visitors, serving as a beloved roadside attraction in Kenora, Ontario.

Jumbo the Elephant - St. Thomas, ON

Two hours from Toronto in St. Thomas is a life-size replica of Jumbo the Elephant, built in honour of his tragic yet fascinating life. Imported from the Sudan to France in 1863, then to the London Zoo, Jumbo later became a beloved circus attraction, touring North America. 

Unfortunately, his life ended in St. Thomas in 1885 when he was struck by a train. Now, visitors can pay tribute to Jumbo at a roadside park south of London, Ontario, just off the 401.

Bruce the Bull - Chelsey, ON

Located in Chesley, Ontario, Big Bruce actually won Ontario's 2022 Best Roadside Attraction award. Standing 15 feet tall and over 20 feet long, Bruce is a local celebrity, representing the Bruce County beef industry.

Brought to town by farmer and politician Harvey Davis in the 1970s, Bruce has been a beloved fixture in Chesley since 1980. Visitors often stop to take photos with this iconic symbol of beefy Bruce County pride.

Big Tomato - Leamington, ON

Standing tall and plump since 1961, the Big Tomato has been an iconic fixture in Leamington, Ontario. Initially serving as a tourist information booth, this giant tomato was a collaborative effort between Leamington and the Heinz Company of Canada. 

After decades of being a landmark, it closed its doors in 2019. However, in anticipation of Leamington's 150th anniversary, this cherished symbol of the town's history and heritage is undergoing a full restoration.

Winnie the Pooh - White River, ON

In the quaint town of White River, Ontario, a long ten hours north of Toronto, lies an unexpected roadside gem: Winnie the Pooh. This beloved honey-loving bear has a remarkable connection to this Canadian rail town.

While Winnie's character originated from a real-life female black bear at the London Zoo, she was originally purchased  by Harry Colebourn, a Canadian soldier and veterinarian, from a trapper in White River $20.

He named her "Winnipeg Bear" after his regiment, the Royal Winnipeg Regiment, later affectionately shortened to "Winnie".

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