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This new feature should make getting through Toronto's Pearson airport a bit easier

As the world-famous chaos at Toronto's Pearson Airport continues, stakeholders are trying to step in and make changes to help get the travel hub back into usual running order without all of the hours-long lineups, flight delays and cancellations, security and customs messes, luggage nightmares and more that have become the norm.

While the federal government has promised resources to help with staffing and other issues, the authority that runs the airport has been trying out some new features, like eGates, to speed up processes, as well as tip sheets to give passengers some best practices to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately, the government's own ArriveCAN app is one of the many contributors to holdups, and it's due to remain in place for the time being.

But, Pearson is pushing a new feature on the app that should help make arrivals in Toronto a bit quicker.

The public will now be able to submit their customs and immigration declarations virtually through the app up to 72 hours before they land. A confirmation with a reference number will then come via email.

This will mean less time spent at customs dealing with kiosks and border agents, and hopefully shorter lines for everyone (if most people opt in.) 

But, that's a big if, especially seeing as most people seem to detest the app and are patiently waiting for its end — even the Greater Toronto Airports Authority considers it one of many "legacy public health requirements" from the pandemic era that needs to be streamlined or nixed.

Travellers can now use the advanced customs declaration feature in ArriveCAN at Toronto Pearson, Vancouver, and Montreal-Trudeau International Airports.

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