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Extremely long lineups at Toronto's Union Station are leaving passengers frustrated

We've long heard about the very lengthy line-up at Toronto Pearson Airport, but now it seems those line-ups have also started to appear at Union Station.

In recent days, customers fed up with the seemingly never-ending queues have taken to social media to air their thoughts - and one video shows how bad the scene really is.

Posted on Aug. 18 by Twitter user Dave Scrivener, a video shows rows and rows people waiting for their Via Rail train with a very poignant caption inquiry; "honest question: why?"

Multiple lines are shown clogging up the hallway so it seems there were multiple train delays.

We asked Scivener what exactly was going down when he captured the video, to which he replied "it's often like this, the boarding process is so cumbersome. It could just be a lot smoother like it is in a lot of Europe or Asia."

But it's not just him who's fed up with the situation, a search for delays at Union Station and VIA Rail brings ups a bevy of tired passengers.

Some state their trains were delayed by hours.

Other's complain about late GO trains and cancellations as well and the silly boarding process. 

Perhaps these lines and delays are due to passengers completely skipping the mess at Pearson all together?

It is unknown if this is truly a VIA Rail or Union Station problem. blogTO has reached out to both agencies for comment.

While these lines aren't as long as those captured at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the video is giving some similar vibes.

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