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Flair Airlines is allowed to keep flying in Canada and they're celebrating with a big sale

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) issued a huge win for low-cost carrier Flair Airlines on Wednesday, ruling that the Edmonton-based airline is indeed Canadian, or at least Canadian enough to keep flying as a domestic carrier.

Back in March, the CTA issued a May 3 deadline for Flair to prove that it is in fact Canadian, the transport agency citing evidence that indicated Miami-based 777 Partners LLC may have been in control of the airline.

Federal law requires that the majority of an airline's ownership be Canadian, and Flair was alleged to be in violation, meaning a threatened halt of all domestic flights for the carrier. Flair responded to the preliminary determination on the deadline, the airline's declaration including amendments that address the CTA's concerns.

According to the CTA, "Flair has demonstrated that it can lease new aircraft without having to rely on 777" and is allowed to continue operating domestic flights as a Canadian company.

The potential halt of domestic flights posed a significant risk for Flair, but CEO Stephen Jones claimed he was never too worried in a press conference after the ruling on Wednesday.

"Though we never doubted it, we're thrilled to receive the positive decision today from the CTA, which reinforces that Flair is a Canadian airline. The question has been answered. It's done."

With their future operations now a bit easier to predict, Flair is thanking supporters by offering deals of 50 per cent off base fares for travel between June 1 and 23.

The promo will only be around until 9:59 p.m. on June 2, so you'll have to scramble if you want to book an ultra-cheap flight.

Flair flies several domestic routes out of Toronto, with destinations including Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Charlottetown, Abbotsford, and Victoria.

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