tobermory shipwreck

You can view shipwrecks from a glass bottom boat on a lake in Ontario

Tobermory is famous for it shipwrecks and a glass bottom boat might be the closest you will get to exploring the mysterious underwater universe without obtaining a scuba diving licence. 

The Tobermory Frontier is a glass-bottomed boat that lets you cruise around while exploring the lake below, passing over well known shipwrecks along the way.

Operated by Bruce Anchor Cruises, their boats operate within Fathom Five National Marine Park - home to some of the clearest waters in the Great Lakes. 

The boat cruises take off from Tobermory on a regular schedule. Once you climb aboard, you can immediately spot two 19th century shipwrecks - The Sweepstakes and The City of Grand Rapids - resting close to the surface of the water.

They can be spotted just five minutes after departure. 

After viewing the shipwrecks, the boat passes by the Big Tub Lighthouse, a structure that has played an important role in guiding ships into the harbour since 1885.

It then circles around Flowerpot Island which is home to a light station, light keepers' homes and natural sea stacks that look exactly like flowerpots. 

Tickets for the glass bottom boat tour can be purchased through Bruce Anchor's website, with ticket prices at $57 for adults, $48 for youth and free for children up to 3 years old.

You can select your preferred departure time as well, boats typically leaving every couple of hours from the dock.

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