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Canada is easing restrictions but advises unvaccinated people to avoid travel

Things are looking up for travel again but the Canadian government suggests unvaccinated residents should hold off on booking an international holiday just yet.

As the ban on non-essential travel lifted, people headed out for March break and Pearson Airport got busy again. There is also news today that Canada will no longer be requiring any kind of COVID-19 test upon arrival.

Travel around the world has opened up in places such as Europe, Australia and the Philippines — but only for vaccinated travellers.

And the federal government is advising unvaccinated residents avoid all non-essential travel.

Canada is now at a Level 2 risk level, meaning travellers "practise special health precautions, such as receiving additional vaccinations."

The federal government notes COVID-19 continues to circulate around the world and can change quickly. New variants also will appear while the situation varies in different countries and regions.

Hong Kong and China, for example, are returning to lockdowns as they are seeing a surge in cases right now.

Canada advises travellers to complete the COVID-19 vaccine series along with any additional booster shots at least 14 days before travelling.

"Anyone who has not completed a COVID-19 vaccine series should continue to avoid non-essential travel to all destinations. If you must travel, consider delaying your plans until you're fully vaccinated," the Canadian government international travel notice states.

If you have booked travel, the feds suggest monitoring the situation in your destination in the days before travelling. Canada's re-entry requirements could also change suddenly as we have seen in the past.

Also, make sure your travel insurance covers COVID-19-related medical expenses and trip interruption.

There is a risk of delays, which could impact travel budgets with longer hotel stays and flight re-bookings.

While there are plenty of cheap flights and airlines out there luring people to return to travel, it's worth making note of the hassles it might entail, particularly for unvaccinated people.

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