Best New Bars Toronto

The Best New Bars in Toronto, 2010

The best new bars in Toronto in 2010 are as diverse as the people in Toronto in 2010 that need new bars to go to. Now, I've plugged that mouthful of information into some pretty complicated machinery - that's a lie - and discovered that is, in fact, not a coincidence.

This city has been cultivating a pretty diverse collection of drinkers over the years and whether you want to holler at the television during a sporting event, dance yourself into a sweaty stupor or have a quiet little drink with a pretty little lady/gentleman, there is a place for you - and a great one.

Bars are the places we go to unwind, meet people, celebrate and forget. They're our social glue, and probably one of the single greatest reasons to live in a big city. So here are the nine best bars Toronto thought up in 2010.

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The Best New Bars in Toronto 2009

The Piston

The Piston

Part of what makes any bar great is location and timing. The Piston couldn’t have gotten either any better. While the age of Bloorcourt as a destination is still in its infancy, the certain amount of draw it does have should probably be attributed to this place. With a surprisingly great kitchen, and an equally fine live room in the back, it’s poised to do even better in 2011.

RS Real Sports

RS Real Sports

Real Sports Bar is about as unique a bar experience as you can have in this city – or pretty much anywhere. Now, that’s far from a value judgment on the behemoth that ESPN calls “The Best Sports Bar in North America,” but if a billion TVs and ice cold Canadian is your thing, congratulations, you’ve found Mecca.

Pour Boy

Pour Boy

2010 might have seen the demise of the Green Room, but a few blocks west the same folks have opened Pour Boy – a place more akin to Nirvana than the legendary student haunt. It has all the pros of its green relative (cheap food and beer) without any of the cons (vermin, filthy couches, license suspensions). Did I mention it’s clean?

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The Best New Bars in Toronto, 2010

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