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Viral video warns Ontario rideshare users about 'cleaning fee scam' on Uber

A video of an Ontario woman warning other rideshare users in the province to be wary of a potential "cleaning fee scam" on apps like Uber has gone viral on the social media platform. 

The video, uploaded by user @bribaby1346 on Monday, details a situation in which one of her friends was wrongfully charged a hefty cleaning fee after taking an Uber from Waterloo over the weekend. The TikTok has amassed over 500,000 views and 1,300 comments. 

"Okay listen up everyone. Don't take Uber anymore, this is why," she explains in the video. 

"So my friend took an Uber on Friday night and this was her Uber price, ($42.39) then she just got an email today saying, 'Oh actually, we need to charge you a cleaning fee which is $297.77,'" she continued. 

@bribaby1346 ONTARIO PEOPLE‼️ This happened in waterloo on friday night. Dont use uber unless you want this shit to happen to you. @Uber ##uber #greenscreen #scam ♬ original sound - Bribaby

"He claimed that something happened in the vehicle where there was a mess left and there was absolutely no mess at all. Apparently, this has been happening a lot and it's a scam going around. You need to be careful." 

Dozens of rideshare users pooled into the comments section under the video to share similar stories. 

"THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME TWICE NOW!!! in a row. On Halloween my $100 Uber was turned into a $700 ride! After taking $100 cash for an extra stop 15 minutes away. I’m glad It's not just me," one person wrote. 

"This happened to me when I got an Uber at like 4 in the afternoon from a restaurant to get home. The next day I got a cleaning fee charge with a message saying that I had open liquor as well," another person said. 

"This happened to me. I asked for the photo the driver submitted for them to authorize such a transaction. They couldn't provide and I got my money back. Driver thinks you're drunk and won't remember," one comment reads. 

According to Uber's website, cleaning fees are charged to riders to help drive partners if they are "unable to continue driving and must clean the mess themselves or access professional cleaning services." 

The rideshare company says the fee depends on the type or size of the mess and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To help assess a cleaning fee claim, drivers are required to submit at least three clear photos of the mess, and a receipt for the professional cleaning service for larger messes. 

According to Uber, riders who feel as though they were wrongfully charged a cleaning fee are encouraged to dispute the claim through Uber Support. 

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Viral video warns Ontario rideshare users about 'cleaning fee scam' on Uber

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