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There's a new way to meet people in Toronto but does it actually work?

Yuppie is a new app based in Toronto that's letting young Gen Z and Millennial professionals connect with others with similar interests and careers. 

Started by Trisha Paguyo, Tahir Rhemtulla and Luka Buzaladze, the app was officially released in January 2023. 

As Paguyo said, it's to test the water and to know people before meeting them in person. Currently the app has only 270 active users.

yuppie app toronto

Taking a look inside the app, users' profiles are curated on their likes and dislikes and connected with people who are similar. Photo courtesy of Yuppie.

"It's like LinkedIn meets Facebook meets Discord meets Bumble BFF," said Rhemtulla. "You're not just placed in a random group chat...we curate a group for you, like if you like the Raptors or you work at a media agency, you may get along with the people we connect you with."

So how does the app work?

For starters, getting onto Yuppie requires an application process that can take up to two days. By connecting your LinkedIn, it offers a less invasive way to vet each applicant.

The app's algorithm asks you a list of questions about what your likes are, what field you work in, your neighbourhood in Toronto and any additional information about who you are. 

Then, it groups you in with people with similar answers in a group chat setting. It also offers users discounts to local businesses such as spas, clothing brands and gyms.

yuppie app

Users can access discounted classes and services through their usership on the app. Photo courtesy of Yuppie.

One thing to note is that each chat has a lifespan, only giving users one month to chat and decide if they'd like to meet their new friends in person. Then you're shuffled into a new group.

The structure of the app is similar to those of Clubhouse or other community apps, but where it differs is that it's more localized and allows users to step outside the app with the people they meet. 

"We are trying to make it where you can see a group of people who you can physically meet up with," said Rhemtulla. 

There is zero commitment to meeting up with people one on one and offers the alternative of group setting meetups for those who feel nervous. 

It also came down to allow young professionals to break out of their shell and loneliness. 

"When we did all the research, it came down to Millennials, and Gen Zers are the loneliest generation," said Paguyo.

yuppie app

The Yuppie app plans to expand to Dubai, Mexico City and Vancouver to name a few in the future.

Paguyo isn't wrong. Statistics Canada found that 13 per cent of 15-years-old and older always felt lonely, with one in four being between ages 15-24.

"Today's young professional is intersectional, consciously driven, digitally connected more than ever, yet surprisingly lonely...we want to provide a way to break out of that bubble comfortably," said Paguyo. 

Yuppie is currently only available in Toronto, but has plans to expand to Dubai, Mexico City and Vancouver to name a few. The app is available on IOS currently.

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Rhea Singh

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