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Netflix just cracked down on password sharing in Canada

Netflix has finally revealed new password sharing rules for users in Canada, formalizing a long-dreaded "crackdown" on accounts that are regularly being accessed from multiple households.

The global streaming giant announced Wednesday that it would be "rolling out new features" in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain to give people "greater control" over who can use their accounts.

Essentially, you're no longer allowed to use someone else's Netflix password to watch... whatever Netflix hasn't already cancelled or lost... if you don't live with them — unless your gracious benefactor pays an additional fee of $7.99 per month.

"We've always made it easy for people who live together to share their Netflix account with features like profiles and multiple streams," said the California-based tech company's director of product innovation, Chengyi Long, on Wednesday.

"While these have been hugely popular, they've also created confusion about when and how you can share Netflix. Today, over 100 million households are sharing accounts — impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films."

Netflix says that, starting today, it will be rolling out the same features it had previously only been testing in Latin America "more broadly" in the aforementioned countries, including Canada.

The changes should come into effect "in the coming months," though it's unclear how, when or if unauthorized users will be cut off from their parents' Netflix accounts.

"We value our members and recognize that they have many entertainment choices. A Netflix account is intended for one household and members can choose from a range of plans with different features," says Long.

Currently, only two plans allow for the addition of an extra member in Canada — the Standard ($16.49 per month) and the Premium ($20.99 per month.)

It'll cost $7.99 per additional user (of which there can only be two), but the good news is that these additional users can transfer over their profiles (complete with viewing history, ratings, to-watch list and personalized recommendations) for free.

Netflix will "help members" set up their primary location, according to the release, which also promises that people who pay for accounts will still be able to use the service while travelling.

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