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So many people in Canada are cancelling Netflix over its new password sharing rules

Netflix membership cancellations are about to spike in Canada, if online chatter is any indication, as users react to a nationwide crackdown on password sharing between viewers outside the same household.

The media streaming giant announced Wednesday after months of speculation that it would be "rolling out new features" in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain to give people "greater control" over who can use their accounts.

As predicted based on a leaked and then modified support page, you can no longer use your parents' Netflix account if you don't live with them — unless they shell out extra cash every month ($7.99 per user, to be specific.)

Ditto for your brother, your grandma, and anyone else who doesn't live in that same particular household with your parents, as determined by things like their IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.

Only the two most-expensive plans currently allow for the addition of an extra user in Canada — the Standard ($16.49 per month) and the Premium ($20.99 per month) — and there's a maximum of two add-ons per account. Sorry, grandma.

"Today, over 100 million households are sharing accounts — impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films," said the California-based tech company's director of product innovation, Chengyi Long, when confirming the crackdown this week.

"A Netflix account is intended for one household and members can choose from a range of plans with different features."

Long said on Wednesday that Netflix would be rolling out measures to address the account-sharing issue in Canada over "the coming months."

On Friday, it became clear that "months" meant "days" as people all over the country receiving error messages or annoying verification prompts when trying to watch Dan Humphrey's European adventure.

Many were displeased.

"Netflix has greatly overestimated its value," wrote one Twitter user on Friday. "Canada is one of the first countries being hit with extra charges for password sharing which means it's my time to cancel. Bye"

"So it's starting in Canada. Netflix won't allow my university kid in residence to watch our family account which I'm paying the highest fees," wrote another annoyed member.

"As well I'm told I can no longer watch Netflix when I travel to Quebec. Because it's not my home wifi."

People are outright bragging about cancelling the service, showing screenshots on Twitter as confirmation.

Some are saying that, after several consecutive price hikes, it's just not worth keeping their accounts if they can't share them with family members in other households.

Others are already experiencing issues in trying to use their own accounts on vacation...

... or add members from different countries.

Some say the content selection simply isn't worth jumping through all of the service's new hoops, especially with so many other streaming options now available.

"They've cancelled basically every show I was enjoying," said one user on Twitter of the streamer.

"I've only kept them on the chance they add something worthwhile but now it feels like they're taking us for granted when they aren't even the best in the game anymore."

"Already cancelled," wrote another of the service

"Was mostly keeping Netflix for my parents who are on retirement income and not too tech-savvy. Not worth having additional paid users for my limited use.

Netflix Canada has yet to reply to a request for comment from blogTO regarding the backlash to its new features, but an email sent to subscribers on Friday made clear that "Netflix is meant to be shared in one household — people who live in the same location."

Users are being asked to set their "primary locations" — as in their main household — by February 21.

"Anyone who lives at your primary location can use this Netflix account," reads the email, which promises that members can "still easily stream with your personal devices or log into Netflix on a new TV, like at a hotel or vacation rental."

True as this may technically be, people are already struggling to the point where they kind of just don't want to bother.

"Thinking it’s time to ditch Netflix after 10+yrs," as one user put it. "Greed always gets the best of companies."

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