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A new Toronto scam is sending text messages to your phone about speeding fines

The Toronto Police Service is waning residents of new scam that seems to be targeting potential speeders by cellphone.

A new post from the 22 Division shows how far some cellular scammers will go to deceive the public.

The force shared a screenshot of a text message sent by one of these scammers, involving an alleged speeding incident.

The scam will send you a text message indicating a speed camera has captured your car travelling over the limit and that you must pay up immediately.

The text will include a link urging residents to submit their payment through it and even includes a fake infraction number. The message then prompts residents to pay through the link without having to incur additional fees.

To help pull the wool over your eyes even further, the scammers are using a local number starting with '416' - but do not be fooled.

"DO NOT CLICK THE LINK - THIS IS A SCAM! Think before you act," read the force's message.

Just in case you're unsure, Toronto Police (or any provincial police force) will not text your cellphone if you're caught speeding.

In other scam news, the city of Toronto is also warning residents of a fraudulent website using the city's logo claiming to sell city-backed rooftop solar installations.

Again, this is a scam and residents are reminded to not provide personal info or clink on any suspicious links.

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Jonas Leupe

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