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Post about cringeworthy Hinge profile shows how hard dating is in Toronto

Casual dating anywhere can be pretty disheartening, but for whatever reason, people in Toronto seem to think that the scene here is even worse than other places.

And, one very viral video is proving that to potentially be the case, with so many residents of the 6ix finding it super relatable.

The screen recording, first posted by @sosaluv on Twitter, has now been viewed more than 1.5 million times, not to mention all of the shares and reposts via other platforms and accounts.

It shows the Hinge profile of a potential suitor named Jacobs from Toronto, who has decided to use the app's new voice feature; and who, like many, is using it as a joke.

He answers the "never have I ever" prompt to record himself jokingly stating that he's never performed a certain very common sexual position, asking girls to take his "virginity," in a sense.

Obviously intended to be tongue-in-cheek, it's easy to see why the profile would be funny to some — but also extremely off-putting and inappropriate to others.

"It genuinely showed me that a lot of people don't take dating in Toronto seriously. Whether it be in person or on an app designed for literal dating," the original poster tells blogTO.

Though she initially found the profile hilarious and "didn't take it personally" or think it too rude, she found it frustrating because of what it represents about dating apps and hookup culture.

"I immediately put my account on pause because I didn’t want to waste any more time. The whole app turned into a red flag for me after this experience."

What was also unique about Jacobs' profile was the fact that, according to the poster, the tactic actually tends to work out for him (though perhaps not with the thousands of women who responded to the tweet).

"It seems like he knows exactly what he’s doing and what he's looking for," she says, "so if he likes it I love it, but I won't be participating in anymore dating apps anytime soon."

Whether people the profile humorous (and thus, alluring?) or gross, it certainly started a ton of conversation about the woes of casual dating, and some sharing of other cringey dating app stories in the city. 

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