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Toronto could be getting vertical merry-go-rounds designed just for cars

Toronto could be getting rides for your rides to ride on, a confusing sentence that I can totally explain.

Parking occupies plenty of valuable real estate in this city, and though surface parking lots have been dying off at a healthy rate thanks to a booming real estate biz, parking lots and garages tend to use space two-dimensionally.

That could all soon change thanks to a plan revealed in a recent lobbying file with the city by a St. Jacobs, Ontario company pitching the City of Toronto on their three-dimensional parking solutions.

In a lobbying application filed in March, s2e Technologies registered with the city with a goal of "introducing low footprint parking to the city of Toronto and how to make better use of land for expanding Affordable housing and Netzero within the city."

This system takes the form of vertical carousels, a photo showing groups of the stacker systems each capable of holding a dozen cars on a limited-size footprint.

The company's website claims that "by condensing the space needed to accommodate cars using a vertical orientation, parking providers can improve land use," which translates to more money.

It also supports electric vehicle charging with single charge points for each carousel-like tower, which is a key feature in the company's pitch of helping the city achieve its net-zero energy goals.

According to the company's claims, such systems would also maximize garage space, which could help streamline the costs of developments pursued under the city’s affordable housing program.

The company website states that these systems can decrease parking construction costs by 40 per cent, can be installed in only 15 days, and results in an 80 per cent reduction in parking footprint.

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s2e Technologies

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