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Personal information of over 25,000 TTC employees accessed by hackers

Personal information of over 25,000 TTC employees has been accessed by hackers through a cyber security incident. 

The transit agency gave an update on Monday about investigations into the ransomware attack they fell victim to on Oct. 29. 

"Based on the investigation so far, it now appears that personal information of some TTC employees, former employees and pensioners may have been stolen," said a Monday release. 

The hackers were able to access names, addresses and social insurance numbers of over 20,000 TTC employees affected, the release added. 

"There is no evidence that any of the personal information that was accessed has been misused," said Rick Leary, CEO of the TTC.  

Online networks used by the transit agency, including their internal email service, was taken over by hackers, which gave them access to the personal information. 

Leary says the TTC is taking the necessary steps to ensure those impacted are protected from identity theft by offering three years of credit protection through TransUnion. 

"What we know about the threat actors in this case is that they belong to an extremely well-organized enterprise," said Leary. 

Investigations will continue into the incident as the TTC notifies all individuals who have been impacted by the attack. 

The transit agency says they're still working on rebuilding the servers involved in the hack, saying it could take some time to return to normal. 

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Hector Vasquez 

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