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Longevity House Toronto

New private club in Toronto aims to help rich people live until they're 120 years old

It was only a matter of time before posh upscale "wellness" clubs made the leap from toning bodies to selling wealthy clients on some version of immortality — I'm just surprised that it's happening in Toronto before Miami or L.A.

Billed as the first of its kind North America, Longevity House is a brand new "ultra-exclusive members club" in Toronto's west end that purports to extend the lives of its members through biohacking, plant medicine and various cutting-edge technologies.

Using the same types of equipment as elite performance athletes and coaches (including Lebron James and Tony Robbins), the club says it can help members live up until the age of 120 — and in good shape, too, thanks to improved "healthspans."

It's an enticing proposition, but there's a major catch in the form of a $100,000 (one time only) price tag.

"With the $100,000 membership fee, Longevity House's 30 members can attend monthly workshops and have access to the top practitioners in biohacking, plant medicine, epigenetics, breathwork and functional medicine to balance mind, body and spirit," reads a release issued Thursday morning announcing the club's existence.

"Longevity House believes in two interventions at a time: weight training in an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) suit, red light therapy while balancing on a vibration plate, and ai-driven cardio alongside oxygen variability training."

longevity house menu

Longevity House's initial service menu for its inaugural location on a private oasis in west Toronto. Image via Longevity House.

Among the services available to members of Longevity House are the buzzy "smart home gym" Tonal, the AI-powered CAROL bike and the freaky-deaky Biocharger system, which generates its own electromagnetic energy field to "optimize health, wellness and athletic performance by balancing the energy of the cells in the body."

A host of "trailblazing experts" are also available at members' fingertips, according to the release, including (to start) Urban Buddhist Monk Reverend Dr. Bhante Saranapala and Giovanni Bartolomeo, founder of Elemental Rhythm.

All of this takes place on a private, 9,000-square-foot estate backing onto a ravine in Etobicoke — a "curated environment mixing the best of luxury, privacy, technology, expertise, and ancestral grounding in nature," as publicists put it.

The flagship location of Longevity House in Toronto's west end is already open, but at least three more are planned: One for Yonge and Eglinton that is expected to launch this fall and two more that will open next year in New York City and Miami (see! I knew Miami would be down for this.)

"We are creating a space for people to strive for health creation rather than disease prevention," says the company's founder, Michael Nguyen, who is best-known as a celebrity tailor to the likes of Drake, Ryan Gosling and Jeff freaking Bezos.

"How you live every single day matters, and we provide members with a destination to access the most innovative and proven tools in one place to ensure a longer and better healthspan."

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Longevity House

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