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There's a new way to track crime in your Toronto neighbourhood

After a year spent indoors watching horrific Netflix specials, and listening to countless true crime podcasts, there's a new way to learn more about the real crimes that take place all over the city.

The new TorCrime app has been created for users to research major crimes in the city by neighbourhood. Currently, assault, robbery, auto theft, breaking and entering, and theft over $5,000 are all included in the application.

TorCrime can be used to look up a specific address and find statistics about crimes that occured within a short walk of that address. It's especially useful for learning more about a neighbourhood, or researching certain areas before moving nearby.

Certain filters can be applied such as crime per capita, crime per square-km of a certain neighbourhood, or filtering by the types of crime in general.

The entire application is completely free to use, or those who want up to the minute updates on crime in their area can pay a $2.99 monthly fee to receive crime alerts via email.

toronto crime map

This screenshot shows a recent crime report near 250 Ossington Avenue.

TorCrime is hoping to grow the app based on feedback, and in the future is looking to add additional crimes such as murder or vandalism, or additional functions such as filtering to within a specific date range.

"What we want to do is get more people using the application so we can get more feedback from them of what they'd want in it,"Brydon Parker, founder of TorCrime told blogTO.

"Then we can update the application to meet the needs of what people in Toronto say would give them the most value."

Whether watching yet another true crime special, or pretending to be a teen detective, most people have had some sort of fascination with real crime.

With technology moving as quickly as it is, it now appears to be easier than ever to become a tech-obsessed detective just like in the movies.

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CJ Burnell

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