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Toronto just got an Uber-style app where you can book a solo ride for your pet

Fido, your ride's almost here: an Uber-style ride app for pets has launched in Toronto.

It may sound a little unusual at first, it's sure to be highly useful for many animal owners living in the city.

Paws en Route just launched an app, compatible with iOS and Android, where you can book a ride for your pet with the price calculated by time and distance travelled, just like a rideshare or taxi for humans. 

They decided to launch the app now based on the current pet boom and demand for transportation services.

Their motto is "Any Pet, Any Time, Any Place - Including Full Service Air Travel," and the service is intended to be ideal for picking up or dropping off pets at the vet, groomer or park without the worry of a conventional rideshare driver turning you down.

The service founded by Dacia Rohlehr has been operating via a website in the GTA since 2017, but this is their first time coming out with a convenient app. The service also partners with CNIB to donate to the CNIB Guide Dog Foundation.

"With the rise of pet ownership and specifically amongst millennials, we knew it was the right time to launch our app," says Rohlehr. "While we service pet parents across all demographics including seniors and foster organizations, we have seen a recent increase amongst urban-living young adults."

Their site states that "Paws en Route continues to monitor the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. Our top priority is the safety of pets and pet parents. We have implemented protocols based on those in place with our partners at veterinary hospitals and clinics."

"This year despite the pandemic, Paws en Route has experienced incredible growth including tripling sales. We are transporting more and more pets than ever before whether it's taking them to the vet, park, a friend or airport," Rohlehr told blogTO.

"As we know, more and more people are purchasing and adopting pets, so now we see people of all ages are using our transportation service. We continue to service not only dogs and cats, but helping transport any pet, anytime, any place, even birds, rabbits, geckos and pigs." 

Drivers have the proper harnesses to safely transport pets, and according to the Paws en Route site, "Our reliable drivers treat all pets like their own. They act as guardians when pets travel alone. They make frequent stops for washroom breaks, provide comfort for nervous pets and are prepared for any pet emergency situations."

"Our customers are loving Paws en Route as many have shared being stranded before from other transportation services. Also, everyone loves how their driver is not only an animal lover like them but provides a friendly and safe service," says Rohlehr.

"With our new app, Paws en Route Ride, customers say how impressed they are by the ease of booking and taking rides with their pet."

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