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Toronto's TikTok office is hiring for bunch of different positions right now and you can apply

If you've somehow managed to get through the pandemic thus far without getting addicted to TikTok — then kudos to you for having unbelievable self-control, but those of you who can't stop watching endless addictive videos on the platform will be glad to know the company is hiring.

TikTok opened its Toronto office in Liberty Village at the end of last year, and it's outfitted with dedicated space for creators and brands and even offers access to a full production studio.

Now, as the company continues to dominate the social media industry, a number of positions have opened up in the city including jobs for more experienced candidates as well as for beginners.

TikTok's Careers page currently features 15 diffrent job postings, including positions such as Sales Counsel, Content Programming Coordinator, HR Business Partner, Measurement Partner, Brand Partnerships Manager and Client Solutions Manager.

Other job openings include Creator Strategist, Senior Content Policy Analyst, Client Solutions Team, Media Partnerships Lead, Record Label Partnerships Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Monetization Strategy & Operations Manager

There are also two summer internships up for grabs: a marketing intern position and a sales intern position.

"At TikTok, we not only strive to build teams that reflect the diversity of our creator community, but also encourage our employees to create content themselves in order to stay grounded and connected to the real user experience," the company said back in November. 

"Since our employees are some of the most creative around, combining this creativity with a true passion for the platform has led to some amazing results -- both in their work at the office and on their TikTok accounts!"

So if you're endlessly creative and looking to make a career change, one of these coveted TikTok positions just might be right for you.

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