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7 places to learn mobile app development in Toronto

Mobile app development skills are all the rage and thankfully there are a bunch of great places to take classes in Toronto. From full time, part time or just one-off courses there's lots to choose from when it comes to learning software, web and mobile development for your next killer app or website.

Here are my picks for where to learn some life upgrading skills in Toronto.

At the corner of King and Spadina and attached to Quantum Coffee, Brainstation offers a mind blowing variety of courses from full time web development to part-time digital marketing.

This Queen West destination is where you would go if you wanted to make a movie about a bunch of super smart coders who also happen to be super heroes and were nerdy but also cute. Here they force you to learn through projects and presentation. So, you learn new skills but you'll also have work to show for it.

Lighthouse Labs
What's not to like about a tech campus that's open 24/7 and offers unlimited coffee? The big open concept loft space is where to go to learn and create with other coders and developers. They pride themselves on a community approach where everyone helps one another solve puzzles and grow. Like most schools they also offer coding bootcamps.

Red Academy
Red was built by tech entrepreneurs and people in the industry to cultivate and train the very best and brightest. Their teachers are top notch that teach by working on actual client projects. This is the school if you're very serious about getting into this world and want a friendly, cool space to learn and grow in.

Camp Tech
This is the school for beginner adults who want to learn web and digital skills. It's a good option if you're starting from scratch. They pride themselves on being super friendly, fun, but down to business giving you tools to start your tech adventures right away. Give a listen to their podcast.

Ladies Learning Code
This is a not for profit school for women, young girls and kids to learn code. They have chapters across Canada and started national Girls Learning Code Day. This school is also made to be super accessible and has scholarships and pay what you can courses with a 4-1 ratio of learners to volunteer mentors. Digital literacy for women is their game.

Now part of US powerhouse General Assembly, Bitmaker is where you'll find a seasoned army of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to teach you new skills. Staff come from startups as well as large tech companies and are constantly changing their classes to be able to send students out into the world with the latest knowledge.

Did I miss your favourite place to learn code? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo from the Brainstation Facebook page.

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