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7 Toronto crowdfunding projects to support right now

Toronto inventors, innovators and creative thinkers use crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to make their wildest dreams come true. Our city's launched some pretty unique gadgets and even restaurants, but there are always new products, services and creative projects hitting the web.

Here are 7 Toronto crowdfunding projects you can support right now.

Ultimate Backpack for Travellers V2.0
The first Ultimate Backpack for Travellers was enormously popular on Kickstarter when Standard Luggage Co., launched it in March 2015. Now, the locally based company has updated its signature bag with features that make it an even better carry-on and travel backpack.

Toronto-based Morgan Wyatt and his environmentally friendly mosquito trap made headlines after they travelled to Rio during the Olympics to help fight Zika. For $25, you can support this project and get five of your very own Biotraps.

Hinge Toaster
If you live in a small space, you probably have a hard time cramming all of your appliances in your kitchen. Enter the Hinge Toaster, a new take on this classic device designed to save you valuable counter space. This sleek four-slice toaster pivots 180 degrees, so you can configure it in a myriad of ways.

MOONSHOT The Indigenous Comics Collection Volume 2
For the second time, editor Hope Nicholson and publisher AH Comics are bringing together Indigenous artists from across North America to create a 200 page comic book filled with incredible-looking art and stories centred on "present-day indigenous spirituality and tradition."

Unbound Apparel
This clothing line is geared towards backpackers and those who travel light. Since everything's made out of 100 per cent Merino wool, it's apparently antibacterial and odour-resistant and it dries super quickly. So instead of washing your clothes while you're away, you can just wear Unbound. Get your credit card ready because this campaign has already raised nearly $200,000.

Hogtown Horror
If you're looking to support something a little less techy or futuristic, consider this comic book, which brings together more than 25 indie artists. In this anthology, the artists will dream up Toronto-based horror stories to freak you out the next time you walk through the city at night.

Love Never Dies - A Zom Com Film
One young filmmaker is trying to make a Wes Anderson-inspired zombie comedy film right here in Toronto. While the project's been fully funded, you can still support his noble pursuit.

Photo via @thehingetoaster.

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