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The top 10 video game stores in Toronto

The top video game stores in Toronto are places where game enthusiasts can be found trying to get their hands on new and used releases or hard-to-find products that are no longer in production. Many places buy and sell used games, which helps keeps costs in check.

Here are my picks for the top video game stores in Toronto.

A&C Games
This popular Spadina Ave. shop has a diverse range of retro games from titles like the Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter, hardware like the N64, SEGA Genesis and many others. They also have a trading card section and host themed tournament-style events for games like Super Smash Bros.

Iceman Video Games
This shop located on Queen West has an intriguing selection titles for a variety of different platform consoles like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC games and more. The staff here have a good range of product knowledge and just like most retro shops in Toronto, fair prices are offered for trading in old/used games.

Hero Games
This Dundas West area shop sells video games of all types along with collectible trading cards (Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Sports cards, etc.), action figures and even comics. It's a one-stop shop for virtual entertainment.

Retro Games Bros
With a sign styled after Mario Bros., this Scarborough shop is serious about gaming. It's crammed with rare options that retro game enthusiasts are often on the hunt for (especially their Nintendo titles). They hold regular YouTube contests and monthly pizza give-aways as well.

Last Gen Toronto
This second floor College Street shop has handheld and console platform games for Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 3DS/DS, Wii, PSP/Vita, Playstation 1-4, SEGA, Xbox/360 and many more. They also sell vinyl records and do trades for used games.

Gamerama is distinct for its repair centre, which is one of the few places you can take broken consoles for service. It also features a broad selection of new games to choose from.

Game Centre
There are multiple locations of this store around Toronto, which is known for its selection of new games but also its lightly used offerings, which can offer significant savings. You can also buy Playstation, Xbox and other used consoles here .

Game Shack
Located on Orfus Road in North York, this all-purpose video game shop has a small selection of retro games and used consoles, but tends to be frequented more regularly for its new stock. There is also a location in Brampton.

Game Mania
Game Mania is located near High Park, and gets quite busy with high school kids playing games around 3:30 p.m. each day. It's a good spot to trade-in your games, as they consistently give fair prices. There's a solid retro games collection to peruse in addition to new offerings.

Vintage Gaming
Once located on King West, this shop has now moved online, but it's still a great resource for retro games. You'll find a solid selection of vintage games for systems like Playstation, Nintendo and SEGA on offer here, and they also sell PC games.

Did I miss any? Add your suggestions in the comments.

Photo of Iceman Video Games by Hassan Mohamud.

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