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Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Toronto

iPhone screen repair or replacement is something bound to happen to all of us at some point. Instead of putting the repair off until the LED starts bleeding, get your phone fixed at one of these stores before LCD leak takes over.

Here's where to go for Apple iPhone screen repair in Toronto beyond the Apple store.

Tech Zone

This store is cash-only (no surprise) and receipt free, so caution should be exercised during this transaction. If you're in Chinatown and need a quick fix, 20 minutes should get your iPhone fixed for around $60, depending on the damage. 


This little stall right outside of Alexandra Park has great customer service, as does their location on Dundas East. You can rely on pricing to be fair here: unlike many other shops, they list the cost of screen repairs right on their website. 


With three locations around the city, these folks do all sorts of electronics repair. Head to their stores for legit service with professionals who will have your phone fixed with the hour. 

ASK Computers

Besides being the spot to go for when you douse your Macbook in water, this store also does reliable phone repair that usually costs less than $100. They might even throw in a free screen protector, and if your iPhone is a lost cause, they might be able to rescue your photos for you.

iTech Wireless

iPhone screens can be replaced in less than 30 minutes here, and they offer one-year or lifetime warranties which guarantee you're covered for your next damaged screen if you're a klutz who will inevitably drop your phone again. 

Mobile Klinik

Get your screen fixed at this professional chain of stores that has six locations around the city. They can also take a pretty good crack at your phone if it has water damage, and their prices are lower than what you'd get charged at the Apple store. 

Toronto Repair Inc.

Located in Splendid China Tower, this repair store offers repairs for all models up to iPhone 7 and 7 plus, though the latter is sometimes out of stock. Repairs take less than 45 minutes; coupled with really good service and good prices, this spot is a better bet than any store in PMall. 

The Repair Store by Gamerama

Rescue your XBox from the Red Ring of Death and get your cell fixed at the same time at this gamer meets repair store. Any iPhone models 4S and under cost $50 and less for screen repair while newer models will cost up to $100, depending on the damage. 

TechKnow Space

Open 7 days a week iPhone 8 and 8 Plus screen repairs here cost $149.95 – pretty good considering most places don't even fix those models. They also fix the iPhone X, but the cost of that fix has to be confirmed with the technician; repairs take 30 to 40 minutes here.

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Mobile Klinik

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