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Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez was out surprising locals in Ontario city

Ex-New York Yankees shortstop Alex Rodriguez was seen out on the streets of Tecumseh, Ontario (a suburb of Windsor) surprising local kids — and even jokingly calling them out for being fans of his former rival Toronto Blue Jays.

A-Rod was a long way from his former home in the Bronx in the video posted to his social media accounts on Wednesday, showing the 22-year MLB veteran — now seven years into retirement — taking the time to greet local kids who immediately recognized the baseball legend.

In the video, a pair of kids run up to the former Yankees' great, asking, "Are you seriously A-Rod?"

Rodriguez confirms that he is the real deal, and the kids react with visible excitement, one of them responding with an adorably-delivered "holy heck!"

The pair of kids, named Ryan and James, soak in the moment, before A-Rod kind of ruins it by asking the obviously Canadian children if they are fans of the almost universally-reviled New York Yankees.

One of the kids replies, "uhh, kinda," in a trademark display of north-of-the-border politeness, wishing not to offend the legend before them. But, of course, like any reasonable Canadians, the kids admit that they are actually Blue Jays Fans, which A-Rod says he could somehow "see in their face."

The trio share a group hug as the kids thank Rodriguez for giving them a memorable celebrity experience.

The video has baseball fans reacting, many admitting that, despite the cuteness, this is still the same A-Rod whose career is tainted by an admission of steroid use, and was considered a villain by fans of opposing teams.

Others note that Rodriguez has not been as kind to his adult fans.

A few people have asked what Rodriguez was even doing in Windsor, of all places. However, it turns out that A-Rod is actually in a relationship with a woman from the Ontario city, and was likely in town to visit her or her family.

Despite his illustrious MLB career, there is increasing doubt that A-Rod will ever be cemented as a Hall-of-Famer, his path to Cooperstown obstructed in two consecutive HOF ballots, and his chances likely to only slim as the years go on.

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