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Toronto Blue Jays player can't even share innocent family photo without being trolled

Toronto Blue Jays' pitcher Anthony Bass just can't catch a break on social media after becoming embroiled in a controversy surrounding popcorn, of all things.

It's gotten so bad for the bullpen reliever that he can't even share a public happy birthday message for his wife without receiving a thorough roasting from the Twitter world.

But first, let's backtrack to understand how Bass became public enemy number one in the Blue Jays Twitter sphere.

Bass made international headlines last week after posting a public complaint directed at United Airlines after flight crews forced his pregnant wife to clean up popcorn strewn about the aircraft by her child.

Bass would be lambasted and accused of entitlement by social media commenters, only stoking the fire when he trolled the public with a photo of his infant daughter clutching a family-sized bag of popcorn.

Days later, Bass would quote tweet a video where controversial far-right television host Tomi Lahren defended the pitcher and his wife, calling them personal friends. Bass' alleged friendship with Lahren, who has made racially-charged comments against the Black and Latin communities, only generated more negative press for the embattled pitcher.

Bass made his first relief appearance since the popcorn controversy reached global audiences earlier this week to close out a blowout win versus the Chicago White Sox, once again triggering a troll-fest by fans.

On Thursday night, Bass shared a photo of himself with his wife Sydney at a Blue Jays Gala on her birthday, an innocent enough Tweet captioned with a message expressing love and appreciation for his spouse.

However, in the greater context of the last week and a half, fans were quick to pile on with jokes and insults directed toward Bass.

Like previous responses to Bass' tweets, comments accuse the couple of acting entitled with a "can I speak with the manager" mentality.

Several people made popcorn-related quips referencing the incident that cast Bass into the spotlight.

The couple may not be big on cleaning popcorn, but one comment cleverly joked, "Wowwww! You guys clean up nice!"

Another wondered aloud if the flight attendant that was asked by Bass' wife to clean up the popcorn was pulling double-duty as a babysitter during their outing at the Jays gala.

The 35-year-old pitcher currently holds the second-highest ERA on the Jays' roster at 6.48, not helping his standing among fans already frustrated by his social media gaffes.

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