toronto raptors fart bench

Toronto Raptors bench devastated by fart smell and this player could be responsible

A fan conspiracy theory is emerging after what looked like a very stinky incident during a Toronto Raptors game at Scotiabank Arena last month.

One Youtuber thinks he has identified the source of an unidentified stench that hit the Raps bench during a February 23 home game versus the New Orleans Pelicans — a mystery that, weeks later, still lingers in the air like the smell that created it.

Youtube channel raptor moments offered a comedic breakdown of the game's highlights, most notably detailing a sequence of events that unfolded with just over five minutes remaining in the third quarter, when cameras cut to the Raps' bench as players reacted in violent disgust to an apparently disgusting odour.

The video describes how "[Jeff] Dowtin [Jr.] is the first one who notices it, but he's like, 'whatever.' Juancho [Hernangomez], he just goes right for the shirt in defence mechanism mode, and Malachi [Flynn] does the universal 'I don't know what you're talking about' face."

Suspect identified.

The foul smell wasn't limited to the bench, as the clip showed other teammates and opponents reacting from on the court.

"Scottie [Barnes] can smell it from the court, Brandon Ingram is not looking too happy," says the video's narrator. 

Scottie Barnes, upon returning to the bench, buries his face in a towel to escape the apparent stench.

Possibly realizing that his reaction was obviously different from his teammates, Malachi Flynn can be seen reacting to the smell a full ten seconds after surrounding players recoiled in disgust.

But did Flynn crop-dust the bench? Or was someone else — or were many others — responsible?

After implicating Flynn for the phantom smell, the Youtube video includes what it describes as "a little conspiracy theory" that shifts blame away from the player and towards fans.

"It was Caribbean Night at Scotiabank Arena, there was a lot of white people eating food they weren't used to," the narrator jokes over footage of Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin eating doubles from the announcer's table.

The Raptors would ultimately defeat the Pelicans that night by a score of 115-110, overcoming what looked to be a very stinky obstacle to secure the W.

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