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Someone says they were on a ride at Canada's Wonderland that unlocked on its own

Someone recently posted a video to social media in which they say a ride at Canada's Wonderland unlocked on them while operating.

"Thanks so much for a terrible day see u in court Canada's Wonderland," Terra Cobb wrote in the caption to the a video she posted recounting the incident on the ride Wilde Beast, dated June 27. "I'll send u the video proof I took soon."

Text over the video describes that as soon as the ride started, her lock lifted up, Cobb writing how she was "trying to hold on while your body lifts out of the seat on the rest of the ride" and how she was "in a state of shock the rest of the day" and didn't go on any more rides.

In a follow up video she says shows the incident, she writes in a comment, "if there were any loops on that ride I would have literally died."

The video appears to show how her lock is up and her friend's next to her is down. Talking over the video, she explains that everything seemed to be fine before the ride began, and it was only once it started moving that the lock lifted up. She concludes by saying she'll never go back.

Other people in the comments back her up, saying similar things have happened to them.

"It was going to be a day of fun with a few of my girlfriends, but turned out to be a scary and anxiety-ridden day," Cobb tells blogTO.

"Having a love of roller coasters and thrill-seeking I've been to Wonderland many of times, but have never experienced anything like the fear I felt after being on that ride."

She says her seatbelt was working, but when the ride reached the bottom of the first small hill and started ascending again, her orange mechanical lock went up. She tried to hold herself in while pushing the bar back down, a friend also holding her in when she screamed what had happened. She took her quick video when the ride stopped.

"I was going to throw up from being so anxious," says Cobb.

"We sat down for an hour just drinking water before I told them I would not be going on more rides but would be more than happy to watch and wait for them, but even they were scared from what just happened."

The incident has left Cobb wondering what safeguards are in place to actually stop rides when dangerous things happen, and if anyone was actually aware of what was happening to her at the time. Hearing so many people come forward about situations like this that she was previously unaware of has made her question the park's safety.

"I used to love roller coasters so much, but after that day at Wonderland I think that will be my last roller coaster," says Cobb.

She says she tried to call the Wonderland contact line the next day, but tried for two hours to talk to someone with no success and ended up submitting an inquiry through their website.

"Our records do not show any restraint issue at the Wilde Beast roller coaster, nor any related report from a guest on June 25," Canada's Wonderland says in a statement (the date of the actual incident).

"However, we did receive an email from this guest the evening of July 5, and we plan to follow up to discuss the matter. The ride is open and has been operating normally."

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Terra Cobb

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